Songwriter and artist Billy Don Burns is well-known and well-respected among some of country music's biggest legends: Throughout the past several decades, Burns has collaborated with iconic names such as Waylon Jennings, Harlan Howard, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson and Wanda Jackson on a variety of projects, while also spending time in and out of rehab and jail, battling the demons of addiction.

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In early 2014, Billy Don Burns, Shooter Jennings, the late Colonel Jon Hensley and a few others retreated to the Joshua Tree Inn in Joshua Tree, CA, to room 8, the hotel room where Gram Parsons was found dead in 1973. The result is the incredibly compelling A Night In Room 8, set for a very limited release on beautiful white vinyl!

The entirety of A Night In Room 8 was recorded within the hotel room on a Tascam Portastudio (the same model on which Bruce Springsteen recorded Nebraska.) A Night in Room 8 is an eerie yet extremely vulnerable album of new, brilliant material from such a relic of country music. The environment of the recording by itself creates a very unusual and haunting atmosphere for the performances.

Billy Don Burns came up with the best. The minute he hit Nashville in 1972 he was collaborating with Harlan Howard, Willie Nelson, Wanda Jackson and writing hit songs for Connie Smith and others. Considered a friend to the greats in country music, Billy Don has always been one of those rare songwriters who shined in the Dylan/Kristofferson light of honesty and grit.

He has danced on the razor’s edge of between literary prophecy and addiction with turns on the run, in rehab and in jail, but in the last year Billy Don has turned it all around and turned a new page of his life.

“This is a very special album, with a very unique story,” said Shooter. “Perfect for someone with such a unique life.”