Newly released double LP record on December 7th in translucent gold from Billy Don Burns and Josh Morningstar.  Includes digital download card. LP 1 - Side A1. Brothers of the Music (1:16)2. Josh Morningstar - The Plea (3:59)3. Intro to Gaylor Creek Church (0:30)4. Billy Don Burns - Church At Gaylor Creek (2:15)5. Ramblin’ Man Talk (2:07)6. Josh Morningstar - Ramblin' Man Chapter 33 (4:15)LP 1 - Side B7. Talkin’ on Hank Williams (3:44)8. Billy Don Burns - Hank Williams Woman.       (3:44)9. Hard Touring Dialog (2:41)10. Josh Morningstar - Let Her Leave (3:30)11. Reliving Writing A Song (0:40)12. Billy Don Burns - Outskirts of Desperate (2:46)LP 2 - Side C13. Josh Talking about Billy Don Going out in his boots (1:01)14. Josh Morningstar / Jeff “Bearcat” Bunch - Goin’ Out In My Boots (2:55)15. Writing on Gram Parsons (1:25)16. Billy Don Burns - Gram Parsons (2:38)17. Road stories about old photos (1:11)18. Josh Morningstar - Faded Photos (4:05)LP 2 - Side D19. Speaking on influences (2:06)20. Josh Morningstar - Sanitarium Lovesick Blues (2:38)21. Partners of the road (0:29)22. Billy Don Burns - Brothers Of The Music (2:42)23. Writing songs with Misty (0:34)24. Billy Don Burns & Misty Brooke Jennings - Cool People Party (2:26)25. Billy Don Burns - Motel Madness (3:12)

BROTHERS OF THE MUSIC - Billy Don Burns & Josh Morningstar Double Vinyl LP

  • BDB recently found a box of BROTHERS OF THE MUSIC albums in his storage unit.  He had stored them so they wouldn't melt in his car.  So guess what!  We have about 30 double LP's available for purchase.  They're going quick!