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"Friend forever
Billy Don is wise beyond his years
Great writer
Great man
A leader in all walks of life
The best man to have on your side
No matter how dangerous the situation"
- Billy Joe Shaver


"Every now and then... in this day of cookie cutter auto-tuned singers... every now and then I get to hear a voice singing songs that remind me of why I fell in love with music... Billy Don Burns with Nights When I'm Sober - A Portrait of a Honky Tonk Singer did that for me this morning... It's late afternoon now and I'm still being reminded... Thank you Billy Don."
- Chuck Cannon


"Billy Don Burns is a true Country Music Warrior. He wears his battle scars with honor, depicting the stories of his life in his songs with brutal and beautiful honesty. He’s respected far and wide for his long career in songwriting and performing, and he’s still out there. He’s lived it and breathed it through lifetimes of country music passion and pain. Carrying the guitar like a sword on his back, he battles for the Poet. He battles for the Artist. He battles for the souls who defy modern convention. And every time he strikes a chord in some smoke-filled Honky Tonk, he wins. Billy Don Burns started out in this business working with legends, and somewhere along the way he became one himself."

-Outlaw Magazine



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Otis Gibbs interviews BDB.  August 2021
"Willie Nelson -Rollin' and Smokin' with Billy Don Burns"

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