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"I was on my way to do some gigs in Alabama and Florida, heading down I-65 through Montgomery. Once again, I was telling myself, “Don’t stop at Hank’s grave.” After so many trips there over the years, I had the itch to stop in once again. Twenty times, at a minimum is how many times I have walked into that graveyard. While driving, I keep telling myself, “Don’t stop, This is crazy.” Then before I could even change my mind, I rolled right on into Montgomery, made the turn and there I sat in front of his grave.

It was one hell of a storm going on. Lightning, rain, and thunder all around and there I was, alone in that graveyard. My drug addiction was peaking the red line. I fired up a hit of dope, got out of the car with my guitar, and wrote a verse of a song. I keep thinking lightening was going to strike my sick ass. Me and my guitar were soaked. I got back in the car, and finished the song. I was pretty messed up, but played a gig in Alabama that night.

The following day I stopped at a studio in Tallahassee and laid the song down. Soon after, my old, tired and troubled ass, married wife #5 in Carrabelle, Florida and the song Graveyard In Montgomery was fully done. Just another day in the life of a honky tonk singer. - Billy Don Burns"


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